Tasting Notes: The light caramel hue with a toffee back taste is imparted from the infusion of malts. The Hops impart a spicy, citrus flavour with a hint of blackcurrants. This allows the explosive crisp aromas from the traditional west coast hops, to pay homage to the American craft brewing ethos. 

Style: West Coast IPA
See: Golden
Smell: Delicate and Fresh Hop
Taste: biscuit and toffee with big bitterness and explosive spicy citrus aroma.
Sweet: 2.5

Tasting Notes: Visit the Winding Downs and enjoy this crafted refreshing ale. One to quench even the heartiest of thirst’s. Originally brewed for workers in the New Forest, and now enjoyed nationwide. Best served with a steak and ale pie sandwich! 

Style : Bitter
ABV : 3.8%
See :Deep Amber
Smell : Herbal Spices, hints of pine 
Taste: Complex but light bodied and refreshing
Bitter : 2.5
Sweet : 2

Tasting Notes: Bring on the harvest season when the earths bounties are shared. Celebrate with this ale of tremendous complexity delivering a rich fruity taste and a stack of chestnut colour.

Style: Chestnut Ale
ABV: 4.0%
See: Dark chestnut
Smell: Fruity an biscuity
Taste: Rich, sweet, malty

Tasting Notes: Jimmy Anderson ‘The King of Swing’ has delivered a refreshing Pale Ale. Brewed by England’s leading wicket taker it is full of appetising malt and hop character; as satisfying as any wicket maiden! This beer is best enjoyed whilst watching Jimmy bowl England to victory. 

Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 3.8%
See: Golden Brown
Smell: Floral & Citrus
Taste: Malty, robust
Bitter: 3.5
Sweet: 3