Everards | Leicestershire

“Sunchaser Blonde is a thirst-quenching beer made in the style of a continental lager. Hence you will find subtle fruit flavours and a little sweetness within.”

Kite | Glamorgan

“Floor malted Maris Otter pale ale, crystal malts and a hint of roasted barley set up the palate. Late hopping with a blend of American and English hops gives a fresh citrus aroma and crisp bitterness."

Leeds Brewery | Yorkshire

"Yorkshire Gold is a light, hoppy bitter. Select Chinnock hops give citrus notes to this delicate, golden ale."

Hydes | Manchester

“Inspired by the Lowry painting Yachts at Lytham (1959), Request is a refreshing and vibrant straw coloured ale with dynamic citrus flavours coming from American Cascade hop.”

Batemans | Lincolnshire

“A light barley beer brewed with sweet crunchy English crystal malts and infused with raw cane sugar giving rise to a grainy and gristy satisfying, biscuity beer.”

Black Sheep | North Yorkshire

"A beautifully balanced blonde cask beer with a dry, refreshing bitterness. Light golden in colour with fresh, citrusy flavours and a clean, crisp finish. Gloriously refreshing!"

Castle Rock | Nottinghamshire

"Harvest Pale is brewed with a gently-kilned malt and a blend of American hops gives this beer exceptional poise. Harvest Pale has firmly established itself as Castle Rock's flagship beer."

Fullers | London

"Brewed with English malt and hops and unique Gales yeast for a refreshing taste. A 'bracing' aroma of zesty hops, followed by a palatte of fruit and malt character and sailing through to a fresh finish."

Clark's | West Yorkshire

"Winner of the silver award in the Golden Ale category at the 2012 Rotherham Beer Festival and Clark's best selling ale for the last decade, Classic Blonde has a straw colour, fruity aroma and a slight, spicy taste."

Oakham Ales | Cambridgeshire

"The original UK Citra - brewed with 100% USA grown Citra hops. Gold in colour with grapefruit, lychee and gooseberry aromas leading to a dry, bitter and thirst quenching finish."

“Magic Sponge is a true pint of two halves. It’s crisp and refreshing taste will strike you instantly and will revive you in next to no time.”

“A light golden beer with well balanced hops and malt against a background of fruitiness. Crisp, dry, and refreshing, Guzzler is a perfect beer for drinking all year round.”

“The Titanic was, like this beer, a reminder of an age when England ruled the World. A rose red beer, brewed using English ingredients, has the poise, balance, and strength to defeat any thirst.”

“Chiswick Bitter is Fuller’s popular session strength ale, which derives its name from the area of London where Fuller’s is based. Refreshing, flowery and fresh, with very well developed hop characteristics.”

A mild, with emphasis on roast malt and chocolate rather than fruit. Black Tom has ome nutty character and a light, roast mouth feel.

“Yella Belly Gold is a refreshing beer brewed with lager malt and Chinook and Cascade hops, giving a citrus flavour and aroma, which is quite dry and moreish.”

“Pure Gold is a refreshing golden ale with a dry and bitter finish. Brewed with English Maris Otter, Caragold and Wheat malts, plus Hallertau Northern Brewer, Bobeck and Hereford Goldings hops.”

“If you pick a pint of ‘Punter’, you’ll be onto a sure bet. Upham Brewery’s most popular ale ‘Punter’ has an earthy richness with hints of syrup and toasted grain.”