Tasting Notes: Crystal malt produces a warming amber colour & combined with the addition of Challenger & Northdown hops which provide this session beer a distinct quaffable character to toast away the New Year blues. 

Style: Chestnut Ale
ABV: 3.8%
See: Chestnut
Smell: Sweet, balanced
Taste: Rounded, full flavoured
Bitter: 3
Sweet: 2

Tasting Notes: This full bodied 'Goal'den ale is a cut above the rest. The fantasy formation kicks off with Target hops supported by a back line of First Gold for a robust and exciting match. You'll wax lyrical about the dominant El dorado hop finish of exotic fruit flavours. There won't be any left behind!

Style: ‘Goal’den Ale
ABV:  4.4%
See: Burnished Gold
Smell: Tropical Fruit, orange citrus
Taste: Orange, lemon and floral hops
Bitter: 4
Sweet: 1

Tasting Notes: Ward off Jack Frost with this delicious roasted chestnut beer. 
Crystal and chocolate malt give depth of colour and flavour to this 
wonderful Winter warmer. Guaranteed to warm your cockles on a cold Winters night.
ABV: 4.2%      Style: Bitter      See: Chestnut      Smell: Malty, Roast,      Taste: Hoppy, Roasted, Malty      Bitter: 4       Sweet: 2.5

Tasting Notes: Cereal Thriller is a compelling combination of crops - the palest Barley Malt, Malted Wheat and Crystal Oats. This tantalising trio intriguingly intertwine, transforming to a translucent blonde beer with tremendous complexity. And of course - a heartwarming hoppy ending. A real thriller.

Style: Multi-grain blonde beer
ABV: 4.0%
See: Shimmering straw-gold
Smell: Floral & slightly sweet with piquant hops
Taste: Complex, sweet & malty leading to a drier, hoppy after palate
Bitter: 3
Sweet: 3.5