Tasting Notes: A Revisionist submission for 2016 from Ringwood’s Maurice Walton, inspired by his own love of moreish IPAs. A classic hoppy IPA with a moreish mouth-watering bitterness, but brewed with dark Crystal malts to give a drier, maltier finish.

See: Deep Red
Smell: Tropical Fruit & Toffee
Taste: Malty and full with mouth-watering moreish bitterness
Bitter: • • •1/2
Sweet: • • •

Tasting Notes: This dark beer is a nod to the archer of yesteryear. The rich and full-roasted toffee malt delivers a lingering flavour that is straight & true... & really hits the spot.

See: Dark as the Night Sky
Smell: Roasted Malts, Coffee and Caramel
Taste: Roasted Malts, Chocolate and Coffee
Bitter: • • 
Sweet: • • •1/2

Tasting Notes: Ward off Jack Frost with this delicious roasted chestnut coloured beer. Crystal and chocolate malt give depth of colour and flavour to this wonderful Winter warmer. Guaranteed to warm your cockles on a cold Winters night.

See: Chestnut
Smell: Malty, Roast,
Taste: Hoppy, Roasted, Malty
Bitter: • • • • 
Sweet: • •1/2


Tasting Notes: Scaramouche! Prepare for a real life fantasy – Banks’s Bohemian-style Czech Mate combines the finest Lager Malt with Saaz, the Queen of Bohemian hops; along with the young pretenders, Sladek & Premiant. A fresh, clean, hoppy Pilsner to send shivers down your spine! One taste - you’ll carry on, as if nothing really matters……Magnifico!!

See: Pale Golden
Smell: Earthy, grassy hops
Taste: Crisp bitterness, firm malty base
Bitter: • • • • 
Sweet: •1/2