Tasting Notes: Avoid the scrum & make sure you score an early try as our most popular seasonal ale makes a winning return. A full-bodied malty beer with a clean citrus aroma tackles your taste buds & kicks its opponents into touch.

See: Dark Amber
Smell: Aromatic & Spicy
Taste: Luscious & hoppy, subtle citrus
Bitter: • • • •
Sweet: • • •

Tasting Notes: The perfect balance;a golden craft beer delivering crisp bitterness, combined with a thirst quenching refreshing finish. Best enjoyed with a rack of ribs.

See: Golden
Smell: Fruity and floral
Taste: Dry bitterness, with a balanced fullness
Bitter: • • •1/2
Sweet: • •1/2

Tasting Notes: A Revisionist submission for 2016 from Marston’s Patrick McGinty. His Irish Peated Ale is a take on the Irish amber and red ales, but brewed with peated malt. The beer should have a flavour to resemble the sweet burning smell of peat, commonplace in rural Ireland.

See: Rich Amber
Smell: Slight smoke with faint spice
Taste: Rich smoked flavours with roast caramel overtones
Bitter: • • 
Sweet: • • • 

Tasting Notes: Crisp and refreshing, this take on a steam beer is brewed at elevated temperatures for crispness and warmth, whilst speciality sugars add an extra dimension.

See: Rich Gold
Smell: Syrup & Spice
Taste: Crisp, smooth & succulent
Bitter: • •1/2
Sweet: • • •1/2