Tasting Notes: A 3.9% lighter style wheat infused ale. The addition of the choicest English Wheat malt complements the flavoursome Styrian Goldings hops. The end result is a wonderful combination of citrus and floral aroma, with tart citric fruit flavours and a long hoppy fruity finish. A wonderfully refreshing beer

Style: Wheat Beer 
ABV: 3.9%
See: Straw
Smell: Citrus and floral
Taste: Citrus fruits
Bitter: 2.5
Sweet: 2

Tasting Notes: Belma is a very clean hop, with orange, tropical, pineapple, strawberry, melon and some grapefruit characters.
Pineapple flavours accompany subtle strawberry melon and citrus notes. Aroma wise the hop lends strawberry jam backed with citrus.

Style: Single Hop Ale
ABV: 4.0%
See: Amber
Smell: Strawberry, melon & citrus
Taste: Tropical fruits, orange & strawberry 
Bitter: 4
Sweet: 2

Tasting Notes: Cereal Thriller is a compelling combination of crops - the palest Barley Malt, Malted Wheat and Crystal Oats. This tantalising trio intriguingly intertwine, transforming to a translucent blonde beer with tremendous complexity. And of course - a heartwarming hoppy ending. A real thriller

Style: Multi-grain blonde beer
ABV: 4.0%
See: Shimmering straw-gold
Smell: Floral & slightly sweet with
piquant hops
Taste: Complex, sweet & malty leading
to a drier, hoppy after palate
Bitter: 3
Sweet: 3.5

Tasting Notes: A fresh and smooth aromatic ale, brewed with full bodied pale malt, balanced by a zesty citrus and earthy bouquet from the late addition of enticing and fragrant hops 

Style: Blonde Ale
ABV: 4.2%
See: Light Gold
Smell: Citrus Zest
Taste: Smooth & hoppy
Bitter: 3
Sweet: 3