Tasting Notes: "Standing out from the crowd, an old favourite returns that always lives up to its name. Pale golden, well rounded flavours warm the pallet & come together with a hint of nuts, resulting in a robust fulsome aroma that hangs low 'til the last. A great excuse to go & see a man about a dog."

Golden Ale | 5.2%

See: Straw yellow
Smell: Fragrant citrus
Taste: Fruity, spicy hop
Bitter: • • •
Sweet: • • •

Tasting Notes: 2006 yielded the first commercially available Bravo hops, which are now produced over several hop growing areas of the North West US. Bravo is an excellent bittering hop, with pine, dark fruits & floral aromas; and is also known for its candied orange/tangerine fruit notes.

Style: Single Hop Ale
See: Amber
Smell: Floral, with berry fruit & pine
Taste: Bold but balanced bitterness, with spice, rosewood, floral & sweet orange components
Bitter: 4.5
Sweet: 2

Tasting Notes: "Full flavoured copper coloured beer with delicate hints of earthy, sweet, spicy aromas and a background toffee like flavour. Late hopped with traditional English Goldings for extra flavour and aroma."

Copper Coloured Ale | 3.9%

See: Copper
Smell: Spicy, earthy, toffee
Taste: Toffee, malty
Bitter: • • 1/2
Sweet: • •

Tasting Notes: "Scaramouche! Prepare for a real life fantasy – Banks’s Bohemian-style Czech Mate combines the finest Lager Malt with Saaz, the Queen of Bohemian hops; along with the young pretenders, Sladek & Premiant. A fresh, clean, hoppy Pilsner to send shivers down your spine! One taste - you’ll carry on, as if nothing really matters……Magnifico!!

Bohemian Style Lager Beer | 4.4%

See: Pale Golden
Smell: Earthy, grassy hops
Taste: Crisp bitterness, firm malty base
Bitter: • • • • 
Sweet: • 1/2